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Month: August, 2009

Domain migrated!

Well, a hop, skip and a jump later (really 5 minutes of clicking and $10) and now is now pointing to my new location here on!

I’m happy to be officially back in the WordPress fold. Now to work on the content here on the site, since I’ve migrated all the old stuff over only.



Writing migration complete

Okay, so technically I should have been getting ready for work this morning, but I just had to get all of my writing migrated over. Went a lot smoother than I expected. Now I’ve got to look through my collection and see if there’s some more I can format and upload.

But until then, next step is pointing the domain here instead of the old site. Maybe during my lunch break today. Almost done!


Software migration complete

So far the migration is coming along smoothly, and so far tonight I’ve finished migrating the software section of the site. The move has reminded me that I need to better address that software, namely by putting those that aren’t in source control into LaunchPad.

I don’t want to have to continue doing what I do now, which is host binaries on my own servers ( doesn’t allow zip files, but really, these projects need source control).

So I need to work on TEGS, fix the Weight Tracker, and port PunishPad over to wxPython. No problem!



I’m in the process of migrating my old website from Google Sites. I am by no means new to WordPress, it’s been my CMS and blogging platform of choice for over five years. I simply took a hiatus from such “power tools” for a while and let Google handle my hosting needs. But no longer!

Stay tuned for more updates as the migration continues!