Starting to port PunishPad from .NET to wxPython for some cross-platform writing via negative re-enforcement

by Jon

With NaNoWriMo just around the corner,  I’ve decided to take up the work of porting my PunishPad software from .NET to wxPython. The first goal being to have the existing functionality available cross-platform. Fom there, the sky’s the limit.

I’ve started a new project on Launchpad, so go there to check out the new PunishPad site. So far there’s just some initial commits with the skeleton of the project and the GUI xml file. The original program isn’t that complicated, basically a text editor with a monitoring system that does mean things to you when you stop writing for too long, so I hope to get this port done fairly quickly.

But if you’re running Windows and can’t wait to get to writing, you can download the original version for .NET here: PunishPad Setup [116k EXE].