Interest in an P90X spreadsheet?

Ever since my own weight loss, I’ve come to recognize how important documenting progress is to maintaining the motivation to reach your goals. To that end I’ve been using my Weight Tracker ODS for over three years now, and so far I’ve kept off that 100 pounds and kept my weight under control.

Now, I’ve finally reached a point in my physical fitness goals where I think I’m ready to begin the P90X program next week. Among other things, I’m able to do full pull-ups for the first time in my life, and I’m now able to pass the P90X fit test. And as with my weight maintenance goals, I’ll want to keep a record of my progress with P90X.

Up until now I’ve been using a simple spreadsheet to track my fitness progress. For the P90X, I plan on using the paper tracking system it comes with. However, I’ve noticed that there’s a particularly nice Excel spreadsheet for P90X, which begs the question, should I make one for

I don’t have the time to start making a new sheet before I start next Monday, but as it progresses, I might find myself itching to make another sheet. I guess, is there any interest in me making an ODS spreadsheet for P90X?

9 thoughts on “Interest in an P90X spreadsheet?

  1. Hi Jon, I think you should definitely do this if you have the time and desire 🙂 Even if the community doesn’t use the P90X program, the spreadsheets could be adapted to their own and/or different programs.



  2. Hi Jon,

    I found that same spreadsheet that was created in Excel but it seems the hyperlinks that bring you to the workout for the day don’t work when you open the document in OOCalc. Did you have any luck or time converting the spreadsheet?

    BTW your the first link that comes up in google when searching “P90x in openoffice”.


  3. I found the same problems as you Ken. The spreadsheet is pretty awesome too. I would def love this in open office.

  4. Hello,

    Did you start P90X? I ordered it, but the DVDs will not play on my Ubuntu 10.04 Acer netbook. Yikes! I can’t find a solution to this problem, since the P90X people have no clue about Ubuntu, and Ubuntu people have no clue about P90X. This really sucks! I arrived here by googling something like UBUNTU P90X. Let me know if you have the same dilemma, and how you solved it!


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