P90X Day 8

I survived the first week of P90X!

I like that there’s some variability in the intensity of the workouts. Cause that means either parts of my body are doing pretty well, or that at the very least, I’m not exhausted everyday.

So far the only workout that seemed disappointing was the Kenpo X. During the Plyometrics, I had to keep taking breaks so my heart rate would go down. But during Kenpo X, I found that I actually had to do all the extra cardio in the “rests” because otherwise my heart was barely in the target zone.

Though, that being said, it wasn’t bad for a Saturday workout, cause afterward I didn’t just pass out and lose my weekend.

The Yoga X workout was the big surprise for me, as I’ve done yoga many times before, but with this it’s not the final positions that are tiring, but all of the prep moves you have to do each time that wear you out.

Today I had the first chance to set goals based on my previous week’s work. And I’m proud to say that I increased both weight and reps and was still nowhere near as tired as I was last week.

Although that Ab Ripper X is still murder.

Bring it!


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