P90X Phase I Complete

It’s been a long four weeks, but I’m still sticking with it. I’ve just finished my “recovery week”, which was mostly a lot of stretching and yoga, with some “core synergistics”, which is P90X for “random exercises we couldn’t put elsewhere”. Easily my least favorite workout.

I started Phase II this morning, taking it easy as I hadn’t done this new video, and was feeling pretty confident… until I remembered the Ab Ripper X. That video still kills me every time.

Tomorrow I’ll take my Day 30 photos and squirrel those away with the others; I’m making a point of not looking at the photos after I’ve taken them so I can take in the whole progression at the end. Not that I’m not seeing progress, but I really want the full impact of the before and after, without the reminders.

On to Phase II! Bring it!


One thought on “P90X Phase I Complete

  1. I was just talking to Rick about how I can’t eat the burger he’s offered me because I’m doing p90x and he mentioned you were doing it, as well. Told me to look at your blog for confirmation, and whaddya know?!

    We (Jen and I) are halfway through Phase I. We were also disappointed by Kenpo on our first workout, but the next week we “brought it” and were dripping with sweat. I think it’s my favorite, now.

    Anyway, cool to see someone else is trying it out. Good luck! We’re bringing it, 2 weeks behind you. 🙂

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