P90X Day 45 “Half-way”

I’m proud to say that I’ve made it to the half-way point in my P90X experiment! It’s not an official milestone in the program, but I feel it’s enough of an accomplishment to warrant a status update.

So far, I’ve only missed one workout, yesterday’s in fact, because I’ve been battling a wicked cold for the past few days. Yesterday was Plyometrics, and I didn’t feel up to an hour of jumping around, but this morning, even though the cold is peaking, I couldn’t pass up an upper-body workout.

One thing I’ve started doing is moving the Ab Ripper X workouts to the evening, instead of doing them right after the day’s main workout. I find that if I do them back-to-back, I have trouble keeping up with the ab exercises. But saving the Ab Ripper until the evening means I can do maybe 75-90% of the total reps.

So with the exception of the one workout I missed (and will of course make up), I’m chugging along quite nicely.


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