P90X Day 60 “Two-Thirds”

Coming in on the final stretch, only a month left! I’m still trying to bring it every day, but I’ve been experiementing with moving my workouts around, doing some out of order or moving them from the morning to the afternoon.

It’s not been entirely successful, as I have gottena  little out of sync, but I’m focusing on the workouts that I really care about, aka the chest, back, arms and shoulders for that upper body strength. I’m a little more lenient about missing workouts, though I keep track of them so I can make them up later.


P90X Phase II Complete

Another phase down! It’s been a long and hard eight weeks, but I’ve finally finished Phase II of the classic P90X exercise plan. Much like the end of Phase I, the last week of Phase II was a “recovery week”, with a focus on stretching and less intense workouts.

That said, I was still a little zonked out from my cold from the previous week, where I even (gasp) missed a couple workouts. I decided to make up those workouts last week, skipping instead the “Core Synergistics” video. I’m just not a fan of it. It feels too grab bag, and at the end of the video, I’m not satisfied.

Well, it’s on to week 9, and in a couple of days I’ll be taking my Day 60 photos, almost two thirds of the way done!

Bring it!