NaNoWriMo 2010 begins in half an hour

NaNoWriMo 2010 begins for the west coast in less than half an hour, and I’m about as prepared as I’ll ever be.

I’ve spent that last week or so rereading Pawsgaard, taking copious notes, and fixing little typos here and there (no changes to the story, just minor editing). Those changes have been uploaded online as of a few minutes ago. There are a few things that have come up that will need to be reflected in my outline for this year’s novel, Hester and the Kookaburra King.

For reference, I have a 110 scene outline written out, of which I have 90% confidence (there is plenty of room for details to be fleshed out as I go, and a little room for rearranging should something turn out to just not make sense). It’s vague enough to be flexible, yet with enough plot structure that I won’t get too lost on my journey (a technique I’ve developed over the last couple years to improve my writing).

This year I’m again writing primarily on my ASUS 1000HA eeePC netbook, now running Ubuntu 10.10, with a new 32GB SSD, and a 14+ hour battery. If necessary I may do some work on my desktop, with its luscious twin 22″ 1080p displays.

FocusWriter is my text editor of choice, alongside the venerable gEdit for my outline, and TiddlyWiki for my world notes on Guineawick. I’m using Dropbox to keep my files in sync with my desktop, and will be relying on a series of backup systems to keep my data loss paranoia to a minimum.

Let the novel writing adventure begin again!


Countdown to NaNoWriMo, 3.5 days remaining

It’s getting down to the wire, the NaNoWriMo site now has an official countdown timer, and as of this post there’s little over three and a half days until go time.

I finished outlining this year’s novel: Hester and the Kookaburra King. It’s set in the Guineawick Tales universe, and takes place soon after the events of Pawsgaard. The current iteration of the outline is ~2500 words itself, divided into 110 scenes (100 primary, 10 secondary) that I think will easily push me over the 50k word mark come December.

Right now I’m in the process of re-reading Pawsgaard as “official Guineawick canon”, and making copious notes, so I can make sure that the new novel is consistent in style, feel, and continuity. I’m collecting everything from what kinds of tech is available, to character descriptions, to established history, all into a single wiki that I can reference and update as I expand the Guineawick Tales.

Tonight I’m attending a pre-nano meetup, lead by my girlfriend Anne,  with other wrimos here on the Eastside. No writing tonight, just getting to know one another before the write-ins next month, talking about our stories, our writing, and especially getting the newbies pumped up, their questions answered and their fears quashed.


P.S. Rereading Pawsgaard fresh after a long breaks means I’ve found a couple of ugly typos that I’ll have to fix and upload, though I’m sticking by the content of the story, as I’m never a fan of retconning.

National Novel Writing Month returns November 2010

It’s that time of year again, when all other creative endeavors get shunted to the sideline, tied off lest they bleed into my unconscious while all my free energies go toward one goal: writing a novel in November.

I wrote one last year, coming in just over the 50,000 word marker on November 29th. It wasn’t exactly finished, and I haven’t touched it since, but there were extenuating experiences at the time. I fell in love with fellow NaNo novelist (now girlfriend) Anne.

This year I’m planning on adding to the world I started in Pawsgaard with the Guineawick Tales. The story I have in mind is a little too long for a short story, and I really don’t want my ideas for the world to fade away.

Anyway, I’m pumped, and I can’t wait for whatever surprises are in store for me this year!