New “Pawsgaard: A Guineawick Tale by Jon Thysell” uploaded

by Jon

A couple months into my great HatKK edit, I hit the part in the story where Hester recounts the story of the warrior-rabbit Sven Pawsgaard. I found that there were some strange problems with the villain’s motivations, and so I decided it was time to bring the story of Pawsgaard into line with my future plans for the series.

So for the past month I’ve toiled away on the old text, (including reworking my toolset, which I’ll post about soon). Now, finally I’ve uploaded a new draft!

Check out Pawsgaard: A Guineawick Tale by Jon Thysell where you can download the story for free in text, html, or epub formats.

Now it’s back to editing HatKK. I’ve only got two months to get a readable draft out before I start outlining the next book for NaNoWriMo 2011.