Introducing Jirani, an open-source .NET Twitter bot

Today I’m announcing my latest software project: Jirani, an open-source Twitter bot.

Back in October I started looking into what it would take to develop a cross-platform chat bot for Twitter. Specifically I wanted to try my hand at creating a Unix daemon, as well as play around with Twitter’s APIs. I started prototyping in Python, but eventually switched to C#. The result is Jirani.

The code is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Turn on the behaviours you want and specify chat functions that take in messages and return the bot’s responses; Jirani will handle the rest.

Jirani is developed in MonoDevelop against the latest Mono runtime for Linux, but aims to be completely compatible with .NET on Windows. It uses TweetSharp to interface with Twitter, and contains a core library, as well as two example bots: one that runs on the command-line, one that runs as a service.

Check it out and make your own chat bot today!

Jirani on Launchpad

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