Dug up some old short stories

While exploring a new design direction to go with this website, I thought I’d take a break and upload some of my earlier creative writing. I put them up unedited and unrefined from when I wrote them 5 years ago. Keep that in mind when you read them (they’re not too awful I hope).

  • Filial Piety
    A scientist dedicates his life to preventing his father’s death, but will he save him?
  • Lost and Found
    Strangers stolen from different worlds are forced into inter-dimensional reality TV.

Also, I found that someone created a memorial for ficlets. I’ve already posted the best of mine here, but if you’re interested you can view them all (with associated prequels, sequels, and comments). Finally, in preparation for an eventual possible site redesign, I’ve also moved around some pages, particularly those with my fiction writing, to better group the stories.

Hopefully it won’t break incoming links too much.


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