Another day, another domain and fresh new design!

It’s been literally years since I’ve (re)designed a website. It was my primary creative hobby for nearly a decade, one that I set aside in recent years as I focused on other creative endeavors. Now, at long last, I’ve donned the mantle of CSS once again and given this site a much-needed refresh.

First and foremost, I finally bought and have directed it here as this site’s primary domain. Though to keep external urls working I’ll keep redirected here for as long as I can.

Second, I’ve upgraded my hosting here with WordPress to give me more reign over the site’s design, which I’ve customized throughly over the weekend. Wow, it feels good to flex that CSS muscle again.

Finally I’ve started updating the top-level pages with up-to-date content, including removing my resume as these days it only entices recruiter trolling. Not like I’m not leaving Microsoft any time soon.

There’ll always be a few niggling things I need to fix (I still don’t know what if anything I want to put in the site’s footer), so the site’s not 100% complete (it never is), but I’m happy with the changes overall.

I hope you like it too.


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