Free Ukulele Chord Charts and Diagrams (Standard GCEA & Baritone DGBE)

If you search online, you’ll find a ton of free ukulele chord charts for you to print out and enjoy. I’ve collected and used many over the years, but none were ever “perfect” for my needs.

A few weeks ago, I started fooling around with the idea of creating some charts of my own. To that end I started looking for software to help be generate the chord diagrams- but I didn’t find anything with the kind of power and flexibility that I wanted.

So I went ahead and wrote a program of my own. After weeks of tweaking, I’m finally happy with the results.

Here they are, the first versions of my very own free ukulele chord charts!

Ukulele Chord Chart (Standard GCEA) [445k PDF]
Ukulele Chord Chart (Baritone DGBE) [445k PDF]
Mini Ukulele Chord Charts [1.1M PDF]

The first two are each a single letter-sized page (8.5″ x 11″) and contain 120 chords each. The third has both sets of chords, each tuning on half of a single letter-sized page. It’s perfectly portable, designed to be folded or cut in half. Throw a spare in your gig bag!

My design choices included:

  1. Stay close to the nut, opting for open chords where possible.
  2. No chords where some strings aren’t played. (I hate those.)
  3. No marks for barres or finger positioning.
  4. Prefer labeling with flats instead of sharps.

All three chord charts are under licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Basically it means you’re free to do whatever you want with these charts, even sell them, as long as you credit me with having made them in the first place.

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, I’m also giving away the individual chord images I generated for the charts:

GCEA Ukulele Chords PNG [304k ZIP]
DGBE Ukulele Chords PNG [304k ZIP]

To top it off, I don’t care what you do with these raw images. With the program I wrote, I can create all kinds of custom chord images at will. So, to the extent possible under law, I waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to these images. Use them in your own charts and song sheets. Use them for education. Use them for commercial purposes. Don’t ask for permission. Give me credit if you feel like it, just don’t take credit because that’s not cool.

Enjoy and happy strumming!


P.S. Stay tuned for more chord charts in the future!

P.P.S. Yes, I’ll eventually release the program I wrote to generate the diagrams. It’s just not quite ready for prime-time.

P.P.P.S. I’ve released the program I wrote to create the images. Download Chordious today!