Chordious 0.8.0 available, less requirements on Windows installs

I’ve had the code for Chordious 0.8.0 sitting on my laptop for a couple months now – haven’t found the time to add anything more to the pre-1.0 line since I plan on re-factoring a lot of the app after 1.0. Nothing too fancy in this release then:

  • Chord finder: Added the option to produce mirrored diagrams (for “left-handed” chords)
  • Windows: Removed the dependency on GTK# for .NET (now you just need Mono)
  • Windows: Fixed the StartChordious.cmd script to work on Win XP
  • Bug fix: Selected chords in the Chord Finder now unselect between searches

Check out these lovely screenshots (of 0.6.0):

For download links, check out my Chordious page, or the Chordious project page at Launchpad. You’ll find links for both the binaries and the source. Be sure to download the right binaries for your system (Windows or Linux / Mac OS X), and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Happy strumming!


Note: Chordious is still beta software, so please be sure to backup any ChordDocuments and diagrams you create. If you run into issues, or have feature requests, let me know!

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