Jirani LogoJirani is an open-source Twitter bot written for the .NET/Mono platform.


  • Configurable automatic behaviours, including:
    • Follow users who have followed you, and optionally send them a welcome message
    • Automatically unfollow users who have unfollowed you
    • Automatically respond to those who mention you
    • Automatically retweet mentions
    • Automatically respond to direct messages
  • Abstracts away interactions with Twitter’s API:
    • Easily define your own functions for mention/message responses
    • Handles authentication for you, you just provide an access key/secret (hardcode or config)
    • Use your own Twitter app consumer key/secret if you want (official binaries will use Jirani’s unless you override)

Jirani is currently under development, on it’s way to v0.1.

Feature Backlog:

  • Add unit tests
  • Add processing of the public timeline
  • Add processing of saved searches
  • Add processing of Twitter lists

The project with complete source is hosted at Launchpad.net.

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