National Novel Writing Month returns November 2010

It’s that time of year again, when all other creative endeavors get shunted to the sideline, tied off lest they bleed into my unconscious while all my free energies go toward one goal: writing a novel in November.

I wrote one last year, coming in just over the 50,000 word marker on November 29th. It wasn’t exactly finished, and I haven’t touched it since, but there were extenuating experiences at the time. I fell in love with fellow NaNo novelist (now girlfriend) Anne.

This year I’m planning on adding to the world I started in Pawsgaard with the Guineawick Tales. The story I have in mind is a little too long for a short story, and I really don’t want my ideas for the world to fade away.

Anyway, I’m pumped, and I can’t wait for whatever surprises are in store for me this year!


Pawsgaard revised and now officially the first story of the Guineawick Tales

In September of last year, I posted a short story called Pawsgaard, about the mice of the town of Guineawick, and their adventures with the warrior-rabbit Sven Pawsgaard.

Since then, I’ve often thought about returning to that world, and so for the past few weeks I’ve taken it upon myself to clean up the story a bit, editing out inconsistencies and shortcuts. I’ve finally come up with a piece that I’m happy with, and so now I’d like to officially induct it as the first story of the Guineawick Tales canon.

So if you haven’t read it yet, or if you want to see if my changes have improved on the original draft, please check out Pawsgaard now!

I fully intend to continue writing more stories for the series. Here’s to more writing!


Pawsgaard complete and uploaded

It’s been a couple weeks in the making, but I’ve finally finished and uploaded my latest piece of writing: Pawsgaard.

It’s a short story, a little over 16,000 words, inspired by the long-standing tradition of children’s stories where animals speak. I introduce the mice of Guineawick, and the new stranger in town, the warrior-rabbit Sven Pawsgaard.

Please read it. I appreciate any and all feedback!