In my free time I enjoy working on various creative writing projects.



  • Guineawick Tales
    A fantasy world of rodents, in the long standing tradition of animal-based children’s literature.


Writing History

I did some creative writing as a child, but I didn’t really take it on as a hobby until college. I joined a small writing group with my friends; someone would randomly choose a deadline and we would submit samples of our work for critique. A couple of short stories from that era have survived enough edits to make them presentable; perhaps someday the rest will find their way online.

While in the Peace Corps, I found little time to devote to long writing projects, though I did experiment with flash fiction while outlining ideas for grander stories. The biggest jump to my writing production came after I returned to the States and discovered National Novel Writing Month. I’ve won four years in a row, with two unfinished novels, two rough short stories, and one novel I’m currently working hard to get shipshape.