Short Stories

I started my creative writing career writing short stories, and they’re still by far my favorite form of written fiction.

Finished Works

  • Pawsgaard*
    Guineawick hasn’t seen a non-mouse in generations, so when a wounded rabbit warrior is found outside of town, Hester knows there’s more to his story than he’s letting on.

Unpublished Works in Progress

These stories I intend to finish, but are currently on the back burner.

  • Aman*
    A short adventure of the Guardmouse Aman, set during the events of “Hester and the Kookaburra King”.
  • Inokolodor
    Giants came and destroyed our world – has Zach found the way to defeat them?
  • Maili
    A young man tries to regain his memory while shifting between the present and the old west.
  • Trump
    A futuristic re-imagining of the John Henry folk legend, set on an asteroid mining station.
  • Yuleborn
    Anna’s a Yuletown cop who discovers a conspiracy deep in the heart of the Winter Wonderland.

Early Works

I wrote these stories early on in my writing career, and have posted them here mostly to remind me how much I’ve grown. I provide them unedited and unrefined, warts and all.

  • Filial Piety
    A scientist dedicates his life to preventing his father’s death, but will he save him?
  • Flowers and Monsters
    A young boy walks in on his friend’s parents, and finds the way to a woman’s heart isn’t what he expected.
  • Lost and Found
    Strangers stolen from different worlds are forced into inter-dimensional reality TV.

*: Part of the Guineawick Tales universe.