The Hacker’s Diet with LibreOffice /

I designed these weight loss spreadsheets so that I could follow John Walker’s Hacker’s Diet using free ODS-compatible office suites, including LibreOffice / *

Weight Tracker ODS

My own spreadsheet to monitor daily weight change.


  • Records daily weigh-ins
  • Performs exponential smoothing to filter out daily variation
  • Calculates weight loss per day/week/month/year
  • Calculates how many Calories you’ve over/undereaten
  • Calculates your Body Mass Index or “BMI”
  • Forecasts when you’ll achieve your target weight
  • Graphs your progress

* Will not work on Libre/OpenOffice version 4.1 or greater.

Update 02/01/12: Version 2.2.4 of WTODS is out! Read the change log, or visit the Weight Tracker ODS site on Launchpad for more information.

Download Weight Tracker ODS v2.2.4 [89k ZIP] Computer Tools

My conversion of John Walker’s Excel Computer Tools into the OpenDocument standard. Includes everything except for the weight tracker and meal planner.

Download Computer Tools [310k ZIP]