PunishPad LogoPunishPad uses negative reinforcement to help you to reach your writing goals. Set how many words you’d like to write in a time period, and the program will “punish” you if you stop writing. Inspired by Dr. Wicked’s popular web-based Write Or Die.


  • “Danger Level” shows how much time you have
  • Escalating punishments
  • Calculates WPM when you’re finished
  • Limit how often you can pause
  • Full screen “no distraction” mode
  • Load an existing document and it will only count new words
  • Toggle between time elapsed/remaining
  • Toggle between new words/total words/words per minute
  • Keep going after time runs out, without punishments

Download PunishPad v1.0.0.1 Setup [116k EXE]

Download PunishPad v1.0.0.1 Source [101k VS2008 Project]

Note: PunishPad requires .NET v2.0 or higher.

Update (08/30/12): Follow the progress of PunishPad on Launchpad.net.