The great HatKK edit begins

It’s been two and a half months since I finished Draft 0 of my first Guineawick Tales novel, “Hester and the Kookaburra King” or HatKK. I’ve spent some time organizing all of my notes from Pawsgaard and thinking about where I want to take the series. Before I started editing HatKK, I wanted to make sure that I was aware of anything I wanted to seed in advance, as well as make sure that everything is consistent between the two stories.

Last night I finally figured out a problem in Pawsgaard that started bothering me mid-November last year. What is the cat’s motivation? For such a supposedly cunning adversary, why do his actions seem like random villainy? The answer struck me last night, and will require some minor changes to Pawsgaard.

Minor in the amount of text to change, but perhaps major in the effect to the events of HatKK, and development of certain characters. But I don’t want to lose any momentum on editing HatKK, so I’ve made a bunch of notes of the tactical changes I will need to make to Pawsgaard, but I won’t go back and actually change the text for right now.

Moving forward, I will just assume that those events have taken place as such, and continue with the great HatKK edit. As I’ve mapped it out, I hope to get to the next draft by mid-May.

Wish me luck!


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